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Trend BEMS

Reduce energy waste and costs while still maintaining occupant comfort.

Trend BEMS

When you manage your energy with Trend BEMS, you optimize your business

When building systems are integrated, each one operates more efficiently. More effectively. You gain a clearer view of what’s happening today so you can manage for tomorrow. And that’s simply intelligent.

Systems smart enough to meet any energy need

Trend has an entire portfolio of scalable and sustainable systems that address everything from cybersecurity and compatibility to making your building smarter with IoT technology. A Trend BEMS is backward and cross-compatible, so it can scale with your future plans, avoiding the need for costly replacements, lengthy downtime and wasted resources.

Work with a selected technology partner

Having your system installed and managed by Pillinger Controls a competent Trend Technology Partner, will give you peace of mind that all cybersecurity guidelines are closely followed.  We have established, highly experienced installers, who receive in-depth training and can rely on a comprehensive support infrastructure.

Our combination of a strong local presence and unrivalled expertise provide you with:

  • One supplier for planning, installation, commissioning and service.
  • Ideal, cost-effective solutions for every project
  • Work carried out flexibly, efficiently and quickly.
  • Innovative and forward-thinking product advancement from one of the world’s leading Fire & Security and HVAC development and production centres.

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